Wednesday, October 01, 2014

In the club

Coat: H&M Trend// Tee: Zoe Karssen// Skirt: Malandrino// Bag: Valentino// Shoes: Carlo Pazolini// Necklace: Rosantica

   Party time with your friends is always good idea. Music, DJ, dance-floor...dancing and having fun all night long. Yes, please! 
  Here i am wearing simple, but very chic outfit."Care free" slogan tee is perfect for occasion and looks great with simple black skirt. Some golden accessories and summer trench give a cool vibe to the whole outfit. Hope you like it:)
     Happy first day of October everyone! X

Photos by Ksenia Maljukova


  1. This is super sexy and yet very edgy at the same time. Love it, Tania. :)

  2. So simple but really chic at the same time, so cool x

  3. Adorable post. Awesome pictures, sweetie ^_^




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