Saturday, January 31, 2015

Behind the scenes

  Only four weeks ago I started a Foundation in Fashion Styling course at London College of Style. So far it's been an amazing experience, with something new happening every week. LMC, or Exhibition attendance ,meeting big bloggers, mood boards making, shoe customization and many more.

   This week it was something else - our first editorial photo shoot. I have never felt more driven and inspired in my life. It was such an honor to work along side a team of professionals :make-up artists (Martin Carter); hair stylist (Carolina Crona); photographers (Cecille Harris and Cicci Feinstein) and of course our mentors (Wendy Elsmore and Dan Blake), a dream come true! I will never forget that day, as it will always be my first ever photo shoot, but i am certain there will be many more to come and i can't wait for all the new challenges the future will bring!

   Here is a little photo-diary from the day, where you can see a few other looks of my talented fellow students. Hope you will enjoy! 

   Happy weekend everyone X

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  1. Very inspired by you. Follow your dreams, and your life will be one you love. Good luck girl, keep on sharing your style. x


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