Friday, August 17, 2012

By the river

Shirt - Ralph Lauren
T-shirt/bag - Zadig&Voltaire
Skirt - Malandrino
Booties - TopShop
Necklace - Zara

Zadig&Voltaire always have inspiring sayings on the back of their t-shirts.
Pictures made by Ksenija

Hello everyone!

I always feel good around the water – be it ocean, lake or river; it always exudes an amazing feeling of calmness. Yesterday I met a dear friend for lunch, catch-up and obviously a little photo-session by the river. The weather was a tad cloudy and windy so my new denim shirt was perfect for it! It's comfy and soft to the touch, with a long sleeve. I love the little print details on the denim and to finish off the outfit I put on ankle boots, also a new purchase. I knew the studded look on the boots would go great twinned with the bag which I've had for a while.
Love to hear from you! X


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