Sunday, August 19, 2012

Going away

Hello everyone!

Today is the day of packing and sorting things out. Because – and I'm sooo excited – the same time tomorrow I'll be on the beach drinking a cosmopolitan and reading my book as I'm going on holiday to see out the end of summer. As you can see I'm taking a lot bright things with me; bright colours have been the stand out theme for me in fashion trends this summer. And soon, Autumn will be with us and the tone looks set to change with the main houses all going for darker shades. We're off to Greece and a little island called Paxos an hour or two on the ferry South of Corfu. I'll for sure tell you more about it when I'm back and I'll be sure to have lots of lovely pictures to share.

I wish you all a fabulous close to the summer and bank holiday. Hope to hear from you soon. X

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